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With SEO and pagerank becoming the most talked about topics on the internet in the past few months, it is important for everyone who has a website to understand what exactly page rank means. In very simple terms, pagerank is Google’s rank of the importance of a particular page on the website. Many website owners and surfers do not really know the importance of pagerank and this only manages to hinder their growth. There are many web tools which help website owners and surfers determine the importance of their web pages. The value or the importance of a pagerank varies from 0 to 10.

How Does Pagerank Work?

Based on this ranking it can be said that any page which has a pagerank of 0 or 1 is of very little importance on Google whereas a page with a pagerank of 6 or 7 has very good and helpful information which can be very useful to surfers and visitors to that website. Any website which has a high pagerank is sure to attract higher traffic on an everyday basis in comparison to another website which has a lower page rank. For web surfers too it is important to understand the concept of pagerank since with an understanding of page rank they will be able to determine which website has the best information for them and which ones they should avoid visiting.

How to Get a Higher Pagerank

The important thing to understand about pagerank is that it not only measures the number of links on a website but also the quality of these links on a particular website. It is a common misconception that having as many back links as possible will increase the pagerank of a website. However, the truth is that for higher pagerank a website should have good quality back links. If any website has a lot of interesting and useful information for readers but not enough good quality back links then the pagerank of that website will definitely be low. So those who are trying to get their website a higher pagerank must first concentrate on having good quality content on their website which will be easy to understand and useful to their readers. Once this is done, the next thing to do is to get quality websites to link with the page.
Understand the basic concept of pagerank will not only make the concept clearer but it will also clear up a few misconceptions about pagerank. – Pagerank