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Search Engine Optimization or as it is known commonly today, SEO, is basically the process of improving the quality and the volume of traffic to a site through search engine results for the targeted keywords. Today most people prefer to use the internet for all of their needs because it is convenient and easy. Because of this reason, most businesses have developed their own websites in order to make the most of this new trend. Since there are thousands of websites on the internet offering the same products and services to the buyers, it might be a little difficult to attract your share of customers.

This is where SEO comes into the picture. When you optimize your site it draws in more visitors to your site through the search engines and therefore you have a better chance to increase your profit levels through conversion of these visitors.

What is Text Analysis?

The most important component on any website from the point of view of SEO is the text which is used on the website. Having the correct targeted keywords on the site is one of the best ways to achieve a higher ranking for the page on the search engines. However, knowing which keywords perform the best and the frequency with which they need to be used on the site is also important. Text analysis is basically a tool which you can use in order to determine this.

Today there are quite a lot of websites which offer text analysis services to users which can be used in order to determine the effectiveness of a particular sample of text.

How Does Text Analysis Work?

There are quite a lot of text analysis websites on the internet so finding one would not be difficult. Find a site which offers these services since they offer a good analysis for your texts and articles. It analyzes the text and offers you a selection of keywords which you can then use to optimize it. Basically, all you would have to do is to copy the text which you intend to use on your website and paste it onto the space provided on the website and then hit the analyze button.

This particular program would then find matching keywords for the text submitted. The top words which should ideally be used on your site and the frequency with which you should use them would be provided to you. Check you current text to see how many of these keywords you have used and then try to incorporate the suggested keywords in your text. Every word would be given a frequency percentage. If the percentage for your keywords is higher, the results for SEO would be better for your site.

Once you make the changes in your text you could again load the changed text back to the analyzer and then try to see if it shows better results for your site. Using a text analyzer for text analysis is not only easy but is also very necessary. – Text Analysis