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Almost all companies today have their own websites and are considering site optimization. However, for those who have not really started with their SEO campaign, not knowing about the entire concept can be a little daunting prospect. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the internet today about SEO and choosing information which would be relevant to your website can be a little difficult task.

Site Analysis

Most companies prefer to get their website optimized through a special SEO consultant company that would understand their needs and would know what would work best for their particular site. While selecting a potential SEO service provider, you could ask them to first prepare and submit a site analysis report to you. A site analysis report would give you an overall idea about your own website’s current needs for optimization and would provide you with a better understanding of the steps that you might have to take in order to optimize your site.

Usually, most SEO consultants and companies would charge a certain amount for preparing and submitting the site analysis report. However, there might be a few which would even submit it to you free of charge. This type of an analysis report would help you ascertain the resources or tools that you might need in order to successfully optimize your site.

Important Points that Site Analysis Should Cover

Although site analysis prepared by different companies can be quite different than each other, ideally, a good report should contain the below mentioned essential points:

  • Basic Overview: the overview should contain the basic overview of the website including the current ranking, the website speed, total number of pages linked to the website etc.
  • General Information: including the key phrases and keywords, the number of characters and words and the other information available on the site.
  • On Page Factors: these factors would be the ones which influence your ranking like tags, area, keywords etc.
  • Off Page Factors: these factors would include links, popularity, theme of the website, listing on directories, themes of the backlinks etc.
  • Density Analysis: the density analysis includes information about the phrases and the density of the keywords used on the website currently, the sample of the back links to your website etc.
  • Summary: the summary would be a re-cap of the entire report and the suggestions by the company on how to optimize your website.

An insightful, informative and comprehensive site analysis report would inform you about the current ranking of your site, the needs for SEO for your particular business as well as the type of services that you would require for optimizing you site. It would also inform you about the challenges that you might be facing in the future when you start to optimize your site. The site analysis report might be more informative than the sample provided above based on the type of site analyzed and the individual needs of the company. This acts as a starting point for any company. – Site Analysis