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Fake Pagerank

Google PageRank is the factor which determines the price for a website. A website which has a higher PageRank would fetch a higher price when the domain is sold. Even if the website is not sold, the amount received for advertising space can be higher if the PageRank of the website is high. However, there is a new concept which has recently been brought to light called “Fake PageRank”.

What is Fake PageRank?

Quite a lot of webmasters are buying fake PageRank for their own websites. Basically a Fake PageRank can be bought online and when the link with a very high PageRank like 8 is placed on your website, then the robots of Google would consider your page to have a higher rank because of the link. If the link is bought and kept on the site for some time then the PageRank of the website would automatically increase after some time.

The reason why so many people today are considering getting a Fake PageRank is because they believe that a higher ranking would get them more visitors from the search engines. However, this is not the only factor which would determine your position on the results page of the search engine. There are still quite a lot of cases coming to light about fake Google PageRanks in the market everyday.

How to Spot a Fake PageRank

There are a few indicators which can help you spot a fake PageRank effective. If a page shows PageRank in the online tools but it does show any or if it shows very few backlinks in Google, then it is an indicator of a Fake PageRank. Basically, a website which has a high PageRank would have a lot of backlinks and if it doesn’t then there are chances that it has a Fake PageRank.

Also, when the domain is masked in order to redirect the traffic to a site with a higher ranking then the page will get the higher PageRank temporarily. This method is very widely used by several webmasters in order to increase their PageRank.

Indicators of a Fake PageRank

It is not very difficult to detect a fake PageRank. The easiest way to do it is by checking the cache version of the website on Google with and without the prefix www. If the page has a fake PageRank then only one would direct you to the right website and the other one would take you to a different domain altogether. This would indicate that the website has used a Fake PageRank.

To sum it all up, faking a PageRank is not very difficult and because of this quite a lot of webmasters are taking the chance of doing so in order to get more price for their domain as well as the advertisements displayed on their site. In case you are planning to purchasing a domain, website or even if you are planning to advertise on a website you must be careful and keep the above mentioned indicators in mind to check if the website has a fake PageRank. – Fake Pagerank