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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increase in the amount of traffic to your site through the search engines for the keywords targeted. Most people today tend to use the search engines in order to get the information about anything they want. The internet has made our world smaller and more convenient and therefore today the consumers have thousands of products and services at their fingertips to choose from. Business and service providers have understood today that having a website for their products and services is utterly important for their development and successful in the age of e-commerce.

With SEO you can attract more number of potential customers to your website. With more number of visitors on the site it becomes easier to convert these visitors into actual customers. There are plenty of websites that have successfully used SEO in order to increase the number of visitors as well as the profits of their website. When you optimize your website it draws more visitors to your site through the results of the search engines.

SEO and Text

Anyone who wants to optimize their website for the search engines would have to first have to study the text used on their website. The text on the site is the main component from SEO's point of view since this alone has a big role to play in your PageRank. If you use the correct targeted keywords on your website, then your page would have a higher rank and therefore it would automatically attract a higher number of visitors. However, knowing which keywords would perform the best for you is a tricky thing. The frequency with which these keywords should be used is also not an easy thing to figure out since using too many keywords sometimes back fires.

Compare Text with the SERP Top 10 Sites

The top 10 sites on SERP would be those websites that have perfectly optimized their websites by getting the concept of SEO right. These websites would be the right examples of how SEO should be applied to any website that wants to attract more visitors. The text which would be used by these sites would be perfectly balanced.

The keywords used by these websites and the frequency of use of these keywords would be thoughtful and effective. The best way to see how your website's current performance is in comparison to these successful websites is to compare the text on your website with the text on their website and check how the keywords have been used.

A through comparison would allow you to understand what exactly you are doing wrong. It would also give you a better understanding about the type of keywords that would work and the ones which would not work for your website. A complete comparison would give you a comprehensive result and give you a starting point from where you can then optimize the text on your site to optimize it for the search engines and get more traffic. Compare Text with TOP10