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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a necessity in today’s times. The goal of SEO is to help the visitors reach to your website. In the last few years more and more people are turning towards the internet to search for the services and the products that they need. In the earlier times people mainly preferred to shop for products of their requirements at the physical stores but since the internet has made life more convenient for all of us, most of us do our shopping online.


SERP is Search Engine Results Page. Basically, whenever a user searches the search engine for any keyword, the page which displays the results is known as the SERP. Normally, a visitor would just check the first few pages listed in the results page and not the others. The world of advertising too has changed. People today prefer to advertise online rather than in newspapers and in the Yellow Pages since most users first tend to seek out the internet to get all the information they want. For this reason, being one of the top one the SERP is more valuable today than it ever was.

SERP Top10

Being at the top of the SERP is a valuable achievement and one which would take a lot of effort for anyone who has been trying to optimize their website for long. The SERP Top10 websites are the ones which are perfectly optimized and the ones who have got the concept of SEO correctly. Also, the top 10 websites on SERP get immense benefits from their position since most people would only check these websites rather than checking the websites with a lower ranking.

For example, if a visitor needs to purchase potency pills and types in “potency pills” or any other related keyword in the search engine, there would be thousands of pages which would be listed in the results. The visitor would check the first few pages which are displayed first and most probably conduct their purchases at those websites. For this reason, there are plenty of reasons of being in the Top 10 of SERP.

Compare Site with the SERP Top10

Everyone who has website dreams of being on the Top10 of the SERP since it offers them immense benefits. However, doing this is not easy at all. It might take months and even years in order to reach that position in search engines. SEO is a long term process which needs to be carefully conducted and monitored over a long period of time in order to get the right results.

One of the best ways to understand your current position in SERP and to know where you stand in comparison to these websites is to compare your site with Top 10 of SERP websites. There are a few websites which allow you to compare online. When you compare your website with these websites you would get a better understanding of what you have been doing wrong and what these websites have been doing right. With such easy tools available to your disposal, landing on the SERP top 10 has become a little easier. – Compare Site with TOP10