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Anchor Generator

In the basic terms, the anchor text would indicate to a search engine what the particular web page is all about. A significant weight is given to anchor text by most search engines today when compared to the same text which has not been hyperlinked. This point again leads to the reason why using the right keywords is again so important for anchor texts.

When using anchor text, it is important to note that the keywords which are used in the text should indicate what the website is all about and should be relevant to the website. Anchor text is an important tool which can be used for both, the search engines as well as for the human readers. Using the anchor text correctly can be very effective in increase the SEO ranking of any website.

What is an Anchor Generator?

An anchor generator is basically a webtool. With the help of this type of tool webmasters can get the relevant anchors for any keyword which has to be optimized. Some of these tools would also support multiple languages. For this to work, the data is collected from the web pages wherever the anchors have to be used.

When the basic keyword is fed into the webtool, the results would show the number of anchor texts which can be used for that particular website along with their percentage ratio of their effectiveness. For example when the keyword “cars” has to be used, the optimal anchors would be- cars 34.95%, used cards 6.99%, new cars 2.64% etc.

The percentage here would represent the frequency with which these links appear in the crawled pages. Such tools can be quite helpful for generating anchor text and for measuring their effectiveness on the website. Also, since the data is presented in terms of percentage, it is easy to understand how effective a particular anchor text would be. - Color Tool