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Anchors Analysis

Anchors analysis for a website is basically the analysis for the anchor text which is used. In the basic analysis, the anchor text would indicate to a search engine what the page is all about. A significant weight is given to anchor text by most search engines today when compared to the same text which is not hyperlinked. This point again points to the reason why using the right keywords is again so important.

Why Use Anchor Text?

When using anchor text, it is important to note that the keywords which are used in the text should indicate what the website is all about. Anchor text is an important tool to be used for both, the search engines as well as for the human readers.

An analysis of the website should be done to determine how many and if at all any anchor text has been used for the site. Also, the text itself which is used is important. Rather than using just simple "click here" it is always better to use a keyword related to the website while doing so. Every time the link to your website would appear on another website, all the search engines would take a not of the anchor text, the keywords used in the text, the nofollow status and the pagerank. By consistently using the rich keywords in the anchor text and by monitoring their effectiveness through anchors analysis, it is possible to improve the ranking of the website.

Also, when anchor texts are used internally there is an added benefit that the readers of the website would stay on the domain for a little longer. This parameter is also quite actively tracked by Google when ranking the sites so an analysis of how much average time the readers spend on the site should also be conducted. Anchors Analysis